Scientists discovered some new life, this new habitat was discovered in 2014. After doing research in 2017 this habitat began to be reported with the aim that we old residents can live together because they are inhabitants of the earth like us.

That time we were not aware and sometimes chose to ignore it. But the peak of its popularity occurred now in 2022 when several photos of new habitats consisting of 3 tribes with a total of 333 inhabitants were revealed. From the photos they have various expressions and several appearances, just like us there are many types of ethnic that differ in appearance. Don't you wanna see them? Let's get to know them first!

- Soul Mysterio’s Holder will receive 30% of the mint revenue and it will be decided by the community.

- Free Whitelist Collab with other projects.

- Holder will gain access to our DAO by holding one.

- Holder will get Crypto & NFT Signal VIP.

- Community Event Project.

Q) What is Soul Mysterio DAO?*
> A) The holders of the Soul Mysterio PFPs are now members of the DAO. They hold the power to steer the DAO into any direction they want, this is done by conducting votes and doing what the majority votes for. The community will decide all future utility and direction the DAO takes. The DAO can decide with our on chain voting system what they will decide to do with the funds in the future.

Q) What is the supply of Mysterio?
> A) There is a hard cap of 333 Mysterios.

Q) When is your mint date?
> A) TBA

Q) How will your mint work?
A) We are planning to make our collection only accessible via Whitelist.

Q) When is mint price?
> A) TBA

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